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The weakening of bones known as osteoporosis is a frightening prospect. Many face osteoporosis as they age, and with it see an increased risk of fractures and a decrease in strength. If you’re aging, feeling weaker or think you may have osteoporosis you should get help immediately. Please call (616) 644-1423 or request more information online.

What Causes Osteoporosis?

There are many causes of osteoporosis, including those that are genetic and others that are a result of a particular lifestyle. Generally, all people suffer from bone loss. When you are young (under 30), your bones automatically replenish and regenerate from this loss, especially if you’re active. As we age, however, our natural bone restoration weakens and ultimately ceases. This cessation causes osteoporosis.
Before making an osteoporosis diagnosis, your doctor will inquire about some aspects of your life, including:

  • Activity level
  • Alcohol
  • Gender
  • Family history
  • Medical history

Osteoporosis can also be caused by hormonal imbalance. This is especially true of women going through menopause, and men going through andropause. Low estrogen and low testosterone, respectively, have been shown to lead to weakened bones.

Signs of Osteoporosis

Most people who are starting to undergo osteoporosis see no signs or symptoms. It’s only later, when the condition has become more severe, that dangerous symptoms start to emerge.
These include:

  • Back pain
  • Arched posture
  • Weakness
  • Aches
  • Sudden, unexplained fracture
  • Height loss
  • Reduced strength
  • Cramps

Osteoporosis Treatment

Just as there are numerous causes of bone loss, there are a number of viable osteoporosis treatments. Your doctor will likely recommend a number of lifestyle changes that will reduce your risk of osteoporosis or slow bone loss. These include:

  • Exercise
  • Smoking and alcohol cessation
  • Diet changes

Along with these changes, vitamins, medications and supplements are common osteoporosis treatments. These include vitamin D, raloxifene, calcium and more.

An emergent, effective treatment for osteoporosis is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT. Synthetic hormone replacement therapy, which had been used to treat bone loss in the past, has been shown to also increase the chance of developing blood clots and even certain cancers.

BHRT carries none of these risks, as the estrogen and testosterone used to slow bone loss are chemically identical to those your body produces naturally. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for osteoporosis can be administered with pills, pellets, patches and topical creams.

Have Healthier Bones

Dealing with osteoporosis is one of life’s great challenges. If you’re aging, frightened about bone loss or trying to avoid the disease entirely, please call (616) 644-1423 or request more information online.

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